D R I V E R L E S S  E A R T H

by Paul Wynne

The Weekly Autonomous Vehicle Magazine

What does the future hold?

This week I've racked my brains looking for the 'subject of the week' to talk about.

I came-up empty.

Writing about driverless cars is like writing about PC's in the 1970s. You're writing about something that doesn't yet exist.

We don't know what the future holds, but we can make guesses. My guess is that there will be a mix of semi and fully autonomous cars sharing the road with traditionally driven cars for a long time to come. People hate change, and despite the obvious benefits there will be millions of dead-enders who continue to insist on their 'right' to drive (a CA license is actually a 'privilege' not a right, check with the DMV). 

As a car lover myself, I feel the pain of all those car guys who hate the idea of being driven by a robot rather than mashing the gas and doing it their way. But the reality is, if you are doing 65 mph in a 35 mph zone and having fun, you're a danger to everyone else.

Having a Beemer M3 is great, but driving it on public roads like you are going around the Nurburgring is kinda stupid. Take it to the track. But if you can't afford to do that, then buy a cheap car and take that to the track (Miata racing anyone?).

The freedom we all enjoy while driving our cars is a freedom we mostly take for granted and thoroughly abuse. Every Saturday night my neighborhood becomes a racetrack, as alcohol and testosterone-fueled bros put the pedal to the metal in a show of noise, tire smoke, and more noise. I understand their need to let rip, but really guys, it's pretty dangerous and somebody always gets hurt in the end. And as a Father, I'm not into the idea of a Camaro ZL1 jumping the kerb and taking out my only child when a driver makes a human error of judgement at 70 mph.

So yeah. Bring on the robots! And let driving become a passionate hobby.

Good night!

Issue 017 May 13th, 2016

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